The project partner Harpefoss Hotel Kunstarena, is an art centre in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. It offers exhibitions, creative residencies, publications, concerts, lectures, art in the public space and other projects.

A contribution concerning her longterm relationship and activities in Czechia was presented by Ewa Jacobsson, currently the guest curator at Harpefoss Hotell Kunstarena, at the final forum on 11 June 2022: Ewa Jacobsson: Keynote Speech at the Black Edition Forum, 11 June 2022.

An interview with founder Eivind Slettemeås conducted and translated by Lenka Dolanová: Not Knowing as a Quality: Interview with Eivind Slettemeås.


Our Norwegian project partner is Harpefoss Hotel Kunstarena

In cooperation with Veřejným sálem Hraničář, we are preparing a conference for June 2022

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Ewa Jacobsson’s Keynote

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