Farmstudio Vysoká

Farmstudio Vysoká

The Farmstudio cultural center occupies the spaces of a former farm from the early 19th century in the township of Vysoká na Kokořínsku.

Ferenc Futurista

Ferenc Futurist Neighborhood Club

The Ferenc Futurist Neighborhood Club was founded in 2011 at the initiative of a group of friends in Černošice who wanted to create a space for viewing art, and for supporting the overlapping spheres between the capital city and the local community.

Galerie svatého Havla

Galerie svatého Havla

The Gallery of St. Havel was founded in 2017 by the parish community of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren with the intent to create an independent cultural space and to expand the local cultural production in a city which is otherwise dominated by the automobile industry.

Stará škola

Old School

The Old School (Stará Škola) initiative comes directly from the natural needs of the local residents, and is built on the principle of volunteer work and community planning. The association has managed to repair the decrepit structure of a local school and successfully operate it for five years.