Barbora Lungová

Barbora Lungová – Boršovské meadow - ČSOP Kyjov

Barbora Lungová is an artist representing more traditionally oriented painting with feminist and environmental accents.

Galerie města Blanska

Gallery of the City of Blansko

The Blansko City Gallery was founded atop an earlier foundation in the 1990s, but its activities have attracted wider attention only in the 2010s, when the curatorial team began to work here.

Galerie a Prostor (GaP) – spolek Umění do Znojma

GaP / Gallery and Space – Art for Znojmo

The Art for Znojmo association was founded in 2012 and, as the name suggests, its aim is to bring contemporary art to the South Moravian town.

Prostor, spolek Unijazz - Boskovice

Space, spolek Unijazz - Boskovice branch

The branch association of Unijazz in Boskovice was established in 2019, along with the cultural and community centre Prostor in the building of the Panský dvůr.

Tomáš Šenkýřík

Tomáš Šenkyřík came from the field of music, but today he often moves in interdisciplinary circles, which is especially true for his field recordings of the sounds of natural and landscape environments.