Galerie a Prostor (GaP) – spolek Umění do Znojma

GaP / Gallery and Space – Art for Znojmo

The Art for Znojmo association was founded in 2012 and, as the name suggests, its aim is to bring contemporary art to the South Moravian town. At the same time, the group seeks to develop the more general cultural and community potential of the place. Begun by Andrea Krejčí, a team of 10 to 15 volunteers has gradually formed. The association’s already ambitious activities took a new direction in 2017, when it established the exhibition and cultural platform GaP / Gallery and Space with municipal support. It is developing a rich programme with art exhibitions at its centre, in addition to running clubs, camps, workshops for children and adults, lectures, talks, screenings and readings, including a café. The association has also promoted the creation of a statue of Maxim Velčovský in the public space. It has more plans for the future, such as the establishment of an artist residency, and they also would like to achieve partial professionalisation. Art for Znojmo is noteworthy for its tireless activity and relatively broad scope. As a result, it has really succeeded in bringing more contemporary art to the city, as well as developing other cultural and community activities.