The Zvěřinec association was founded in 2018 by four people active in various cultural and artistic activities in Prague and Olomouc.

Spolek Luhovaný Vincent

Spolek Luhovaný Vincent a Nadační fond Pramen Luhačovice

Not many people would consider Luhačovice to be a hub of contemporary art and culture.


The village of Šarovy is located in a specific cultural area on the border of Moravian Slovakia and Wallachia. Although it is basically an inconspicuous village with two hundred inhabitants located between two large towns, from a cultural point of view it is somehow essential.

Galerie U Cesty

U Cesty Gallery

In the village of Šarovy, where in 2007 the sculptor Jan Ambrůz together with Pavla Kačírková began to implement the project Jinákrajina, which aims to place in the local landscape various sculptures and small interventions, the U cesty Gallery was established in 2013.



Since 2012, Bystřice pod Hostýnem has been home of the Okrašlovací a Zábavní Spolek — an association focused on the beautification of the locale and the entertainment of the locals.



Fujaré is a cultural and production association which has been active in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm since 2016. It developed at the initiative of theater historian Honza Petružela when he returned to his native town after living in Prague for sixteen years.