Spolek Luhovaný Vincent

Spolek Luhovaný Vincent a Nadační fond Pramen Luhačovice

Not many people would consider Luhačovice to be a hub of contemporary art and culture. Yet this Moravian spa town manages to bring together mainstream and conservative culture with contemporary and progressive art. They do this through two fundamental projects, both managed and operated by cultural manager and organizer Magdaléna Petráková.

The Luhovaný Vincent festival has always paid attention to quality dramaturgy, connecting the best of contemporary music, theater and film with the local genius loci. An important objective for the festival is finding a balance between more demanding material and the audience, who often come from all over Czechia; and between programs attractive to the local populace and the random tourists and spa clients who happen upon while in the city. The personal relationship of the organizers to the place is important (some of whom come from Luhačovice and nearby), as is the staging of performances in the town’s spa area, but also the connection to local organizations, private subjects and companies who support the festival both financially and materially. Since its foundation, Luhovaný Vincent has developed into a respected multi-genre festival with professional dramaturgy, including music, theater, film, literature, visual and sound art. It has consistently displayed well-defined and widely-shared ideals and has developed a stable audience base and the avid support of the local inhabitants.

The Nadační fond Pramen Luhačovice foundation was founded in 2020 by culturally and socially active residents of Luhačovice, with the aim of supporting culture and community activities in Luhačovice and its surroundings. The collaboration with the local community has been key for the fund’s projects, which are largely defined by community needs, and this leads to effective fund allocation. The fund acquires the finances for supporting its activities from regional sponsors and individuals, and it keeps to the principles set out in their ethical codex on accepting donations. The fund allocates support based on an open call for projects in culture, history, education and civic society (oriented on developing the community and neighborhood). It also regularly organizes literary residencies which offer visiting authors the space, time and means to dedicate themselves fully to their work, and in turn present it to a local audience. Supported projects include themed panel exhibitions, events of local associations, grants for supporting education and youth, literary residencies, but also the acquisition and distribution of magazines for seniors during the pandemic lockdown.