Nová Perla

foto: Miloš vojtěchovský

Nová Perla

Ivan Mečl is an artist, critic and organizer. In the 1990s, he founded the Divus publishing house which published the Umělec magazine, as well as a number of books.

Ku Prospěchu


The activities of the Chomutov-based association Kuprospěchu are directed towards cultural and social regeneration of the Ústí nad Labem region.



The Obnaženi association brings together professional artists and cultural activists who have a personal relationship to Chomutov. Since 2003, the members of Obnaženi have been bringing experience gained from art schools and participating in art projects around the world back to Chomutov.

Löblhof & Artgrund

Löblhof & Artgrund

The Löblhof & Artgrund art studio is based in Staňkovice in Litoměřice county, and provides space for short-term residencies, symposia, workshops, and has recently also started operating the Masthall exhibition hall.

Veřejný sál Hraničář

Hraničář Society

The Veřejný sál Hraničář is an association which has been operating the space of the same name since 2014 in the former cinema of Ústí nad Labem.

Sousedský dům – Vila Libuše


Libuše is an ecological cultural center in Janov, operating under the auspices of the MY Litvínov Society. It aims to support the sustainable development of the city of Litvínov.