Za krásnou Ostravu

Beautification Society Za krásnou Ostravu – Klub Fiducia

The association Za Krásnou Ostravu was formed in 2013 and is currently one of the local groups that cares for the city’s public spaces.

Za Opavu

Za Opavu

The Za Opavu association was founded in 2007 in the pursuit of local beautification as a reaction to the unsatisfactory choices of certain municipal tenders, largely stemming from the community’s need to become engaged in the socio-politics of the city.

Festival Pelhřimovy

Festival Pelhřimovy – Kostel sv. Jiří

Pelhřimovy is a village on the border of Poland and Czechia. It is just as far to Prudnik or Glubczyce as it is to Krnov, but the towns are inhabited neither by Czechs nor Poles.

Fajfr štýl Fest

Fajfr štýl Fest

Skateclub Vrbno is an informal and volunteer association. After participating in the local skateboard and music scenes, in 2017 its founders Zdeněk Rybár and Jakub Rektořík rented out the spaces …

Bludný kamen

Bludný Kámen

Bludný kámen is a collective which has been actively shaping Opava’s cultural space since 1995, organizing exhibitions, lectures, public discussion, and experimental music concerts.