Za krásnou Ostravu
Za krásnou Ostravu Za krásnou Ostravu Za krásnou Ostravu Za krásnou Ostravu Za krásnou Ostravu

Beautification Society Za krásnou Ostravu – Klub Fiducia

The association Za Krásnou Ostravu was formed in 2013 and is currently one of the local groups that cares for the city’s public spaces. It draws on a long tradition of pre-war beautification associations, holding onto their role of spreading cultural and social awareness and developing a conscious preoccupation with place and community, whether that means the actual streets and buildings, parks, sculptures, or significant landmarks in the landscape. Za Krásnou Ostravu is not a legal entity — it is an informal group of volunteers. However, it is very closely linked to the Fiducia society, which provides them with space, as well as legal and economic support. Fiducia has been active on the Ostrava scene since 1998 and, apart from various cultural and civic activities connected to the Za Krásnou Ostravu group, it also runs a used book shop, the Fotografická Galerie Fiducia, and the Dole Gallery. The breadth of interest of the society’s individual members allows it to work in many fields, most often dealing with architecture, historical conservation, art, literature, and environmental and ecological issues. The themes addressed by the society over the long term include competitions of artistic projects in the public space, architectural competitions, landmark conservation, planting and caring for city greenery, as well as honoring important people from the region by putting up plaques and monuments. Despite the members’ frequent and active participation in public and civic debate, the society remains largely apolitical. One of their important activities is the publishing of the samizdat quarterly Krásná Ostrava, in addition to running the database Ostravské Památky and Ostravské Sochy.