Svobodná Chalupa

Hanka and Martin Jelínek

Hanka and Martin Jelínek live in the small village of Krásné u Sněžného. They met at the Department of Education at the Faculty of Education of Palacký University in Olomouc.

The KUŠ association

The KUŠ Association for environmental and multicultural education has for a long time been working in the region of Vysočina, focused on alternative methods of education working outside of school institutions, and making use of contemporary art techniques, placing a strong emphasis on activism and the environment.

Tereza Říčanová

Tereza Říčanová

Tereza Říčanová is an illustrator, painter, cow milker and cheesemaker, as well as a graphic designer. She also produces theater performances for children, leads numerous workshops, teaches at the Jihlava-Helenín art school, and dances as part of the Kozí Kraviny performance (staged under the auspices of the Ponec theater and the Tanec Praha festival).

Make Třešť great again!

Třešťský průměr

Třešťský průměr is an unusually active and creative group of peers from Třešť. The group was created by joining two similarly-focused theater troupes – Natvrdlí and Tylovi vrazi.

Ticho 46


“Order and form is tolerable only in the presence of disorder and anti-form.… Klub korealistických aktivit (or ‘cca’) is a club which was created to give people at least one striking encounter with art …