V centru Im Zentrum foto: Martin Richartz

Festival V centru / Im Zentrum

Although Zdeňka Morávková moved to the Rychleby Mountains only in 2010, her work in the region has left an indelible mark.

Festival Jesnění – spolek Sudetikus

Festival Jesnění – spolek Sudetikus

The Sudetikus Society was founded in Jeseník by Martina Seidlerová as a follow-up to her civic, social and cultural activities, which she began organizing after her return to her hometown. The first events were focused on sharing and selling local food, such as the community Restaurant Day and the regular farmers' markets.

Fotofestival Uničov – spolek uff

Fotofestival Uničov – spolek uff

Fotofestival Uničov, renamed UFF in 2021, was founded by locals in 2011. It presents contemporary art, especially current forms of photography.


Karnola Community and Cultural Space

Karnola in Hranice is a former textile factory that Jan and Marka Vařeka began renting after returning from Prague to live in their hometown of Janov.


Hrob — Contemporary Exhibitions and Funerary Art

The Hrob Exhibition Hall was launched in 2015 by Olomouc curators Pavel Šuráň and Radim Scholaster. The exhibitions, which were rather happenings with an opening, were above all a strong connecting moment for the Olomouc cultural scene.