Tabook– festival malých nakladatelů Tábor


Tabook is an international festival of book culture with a special focus on visual books and illustration.

Jiří Zemánek


The Pilgrim Potulná univerzita přírody / Wandering University of Nature is an association founded in 2009. It adopts a holistic approach to personal development, relationships with nature and the fostering of human culture.

Living Villa Society

Living Villa Society

The Kralova Villa is a functionalist villa in Prachatice, built just near the train station in the 1930s by the entrepreneur Johann Nepomuk Kral, based on the design of Austrian Fritz Reichl. The architect originally drew inspiration from the work of Adolf Loos.

Vodňany žijou

Vodňany žijou

Vodňany žijou is an association for cultural and social rejuvenation of the city.

Cesta Tabor

Cesta - Ctibor’s Mill

In the 1990s, American musicians Hilary Binder, a drummer and singer, and Chris Rankin, a bassist, who had had toured the world with their band Sabot, settled in the dilapidated Ctibor’s Mill in the Tábor valley.