Prostor, spolek Unijazz - Boskovice

Space, spolek Unijazz - Boskovice branch

The branch association of Unijazz in Boskovice was established in 2019, along with the cultural and community centre Prostor in the building of the Panský dvůr. The core of the association consists of culturally active citizens who have managed to attract a relatively wide range of supporters (in total, the association has about fifty members). The organisational structure of the association is headed by a seven-member organising committee, which coordinates and supports the initiatives and productions of individual members and other residents of the town. These take place in the hall of the Prostor centre or in the courtyard in front, sometimes in the public space of the town (Prostor includes a café). There are ten to fifteen such events a month when the space is fully operational, and they take the form of festivals, concerts, lectures, screenings, exhibitions, theatre, DJ events, parties, debates and activities for children. The involvement of some of the members in other local organisations and initiatives — theatre, media or music — is a positive development.