Barbora Lungová

Barbora Lungová – Boršovské meadow - ČSOP Kyjov

Barbora Lungová is an artist representing more traditionally oriented painting with feminist and environmental accents. For two decades she has been active in the cultural, civic and political arenas of her native Kyjov. She has a particularly strong relationship with nature and the landscape, which has motivated several projects aimed at caring for neglected places. From what were originally essentially guerrilla activities grew an interest in the suburban Boršov Meadows and the park near the artist's studio in the city centre. The first project was sponsored by an association formed for this purpose, today under the name of ČSOP. It has gradually revitalized the meadows and continues to maintain them. It also runs a forest nursery and for several years has organized a number of events for the public, such as mowing the meadows, cooking events, and botanical walks. Lungová applies her aesthetic sensitivity, experience in cultivation and critical reflection, and sees these activities as partly artistic. She has contributed dramaturgy to the running of a local private gallery, Doma, co-organised other exhibitions and cultural events, is a member of a committee working towards the establishment of a municipal gallery, and has become active in local politics.