Galerie Chaos Střítež
Galerie Chaos Střítež Galerie Chaos Střítež Galerie Chaos Střítež Galerie Chaos Střítež Galerie Chaos Střítež

Galerie Kabinet Chaos

Střítež near Polička

You can find Planeta Chaos and Galerie Kabinet in Střítež near Polička, not far from the home of Veronika Šrek Bromová and her husband Ivan Šrek. The Galerie Kabinet once operated from the office of a former school in Střítež, but due to the local community’s incomprehension, they moved to the more private, renovated attic space of a barn in a former hamlet. Thematically they engage in topics relating to the village, as well as the environmental and social effects of art production. Each year, the gallery space also hosts the works of local residents. Chaos is, however, not only a gallery, but also a certain lifestyle and a way of interacting with nature. It consists of a studio, and also a farm, residency and community space. Visitors from all over Czechia gather there for regular opening events. Each summer, there are artistic, eco-sociological symposia focusing on the overlaps between art and ecology, but also, for example, dealing with shamanism or mythology. The space hosts both established and up-and-coming artists, and often offers programs for children. Ivan Šrek makes wooden furniture and takes care of the farm. The Chaos residents and volunteers work four hectares of meadow and forest, growing various plants and herbs as an exercise in permaculture. The Farma Chaos is part of the Whoof international volunteer organization.