foto: Martin Vrabko

Petr Bergmann – Institut regionální paměti

Petr Bergmann is a cultural manager and producer who has been active in the Broumov region since 2000. He has organized festivals, workshops and literary events, and took part in the event Týden pro Broumovské Kostely, the objective of which was to contribute to conserving unique churches in the wider Broumov area; and he was also involved in Broumovské Kulturní Léto, which took place in the former brewery. He currently dedicates most of his time to historical projects. He is an avid collector of travelogue images, old maps, postcards, regional literature and photographs from the area of Krkonoše and Broumov, which he then arranges in exhibitions of his own materials and that of others. Bergmann published the book Broumovsko na historických zobrazeních (2013), Bezděkovský kostelíčku (2017), and Krkonoše, Karkonosze, Riesengebirge (2017), and founded the Institut Regionální Paměti to support his diverse activities. He is also interested in organic farming and community activities, such as barter trading.