Petr Kovář (b. 1979) comes from the village Dolní Cerekev at Vysočina, where he returned after studying in Brno and being a member of the artist “community” at Kuřim castle. He studied in the Environment studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Czech Technical University in Brno, and at the Department of Art Education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University, where he successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled Text ve zprostředkování výtvarného umění [Text as Mediator of Fine Art]. Since 2008, he has been active as an editor and writer (Literární noviny, Kulturní noviny, Salon deníku Právo, O-kraj). In 2009 he became co-founder of Kulturní noviny as the first medium running on a cooperative model, and two years later he co-founded OFF/FORMAT. Apart from these volunteer projects, his new rural lifestyle also led to the foundation of the Roztoč kolektiv (2014) which critically reflects social happenings and emphasizes the importance of community, culture and preservation of nature by means of original theater production, as well as through the music festival Z kopce. He is co-author of the books To bych zvládl taky and To je starý, part of the planned series of art history presented in animated form. He occasionally exhibits his own art works, but most often takes the position of curator of other artists’ work. He has been teaching at the studio Painting and Illustration at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Jihlava-Helenín.