Plovárna a kostel Manětín
Plovárna a kostel Manětín Plovárna a kostel Manětín

Plovárna and Manětín Church

Baroko Society in Bohemia

The association Baroko v Čechách is an open association whose aim in the past was to culturally revive the architecture and dispositions of the unique St. Anne’s chapel in Nečtiny. The project Probouzení nečtinské kaple (Waking Nečtiny chapel) built on the rich history and tradition of the de-sanctified space which had in the past been used for theater works. The association’s activities were part of many international projects, for example taking part in the drafting of the program for the Plzeň 2015 Capital of Culture program. Currently, the association organizes cultural activities – concerts, theater performances, children’s programs, and so on – mostly in the swimming area of Manětín. The association rents this functional swimming hole from the city attempting to revitalize the whole space. They also collaborate with the association Stará Cesta, which has been taking part in renovating the old local walking paths. They are similarly trying to rejuvenate the old orchard on the way to the swimming space.